Nilfisk Self-Service (SB) Vacuums


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Self-Service (SB) Vacuums

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Coin-Operated Self Service Vacuums

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Coin-operated self-service vacuums for use on garage forecourts. All models use a simple cloth filter system for easy maintenance.

The SB Series is built to withstand weather extremes and istherefore suitable for outdoor placement. The SB Series is easy to use and operate ensuring that users unfamiliar with the machine can obtain the results they desire. Maintenance is quick and simple so that the machine is always ready to work thus eliminating downtime and loss of revenue.

  • Superior suction power.
  • Tandem models have 2 vacuum motors and suction hoses.
  • Available in Euro, National Coins or Token versions.
  • Simple cloth filter system for quick and easy maintenance.

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