Nilfisk-Alto Attix 995-OH/M XC Type 22


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The ATTIX 995-0H/M SD XC Type 22 is a powerful two-motor machine that is approved to be used for both M and H Class dust in a Zone 22 environment. Featuring XtremeClean filter cleaning and a Stainless Steel Sit Down container. The perfect solution for industrial use where safety is a must.

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New legislation (EN 60335-2-69) has placed some very tight restrictions on handling hazardous dust. The ATTIX 995-0H/M meets all safety legislation to ensure maximum health protection.

The ATTIX 995-0H/M SD XC Type 22 is suitable for use with H-Class, M-Class, and explosive dusts, ATEX Zone 22. The use of EC Technology, eg. Brushless motors mean that this machine is suitable for use in Zone 22 environments. By choosing the AntiStatic kit in combination with the approved Type 22 accessories the machine allows you to work in a safe and spark free environment.

The corrosion-proof Stainless Steel Sit Down container ensures durability and long life. The Sit Down container makes it possible to empty without removing the motorhead. On top of the motor head there is space to store your accessories. Equipped with the optional accessory basket you have all the equipment you need to hand.

The AntiStatic Type 22 container inlet gives access to the entire range of approved Type 22 accessories to customize the machine to your specific safety needs

    • Industrial specifications, robust construction, and powerful... the definition of ATTIX 9.
    • Approved for ATEX Zone 22, H and M Class.
    • 2 Brushless EC (Electronic Controlled) motors.
    • Two motor Industrial performance.
    • XtremeClean fully automatic filter cleaning system for high efficiency in H and M Class.
    • Big surface H Class filter for high efficiency and low maintenance costs.
    • Stainless Steel SitDown container for perfect handling and disposal.
    • 10 metre cable for a large working radius.
    • Disposal and Safety filterbag standard.


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