Nilfisk SC UNO 4M


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Nilfisk SC UNO 4M

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A portable and stationary mounted unit all in one

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The SC UNO 4M PS is both a stationary and a portable unit. It is simple and intuitive to use and cost effective. Delivered with all the accessories it is ready for immediate use. Designed for heavy duty cleaning tasks the SC UNO 4M PS is a reliable choice for light agriculture, building and construction and automotive areas etc. The key objective is to deliver one unique versatile machine for professionals with different cleaning environment demands.

The SC UNO 4M PS models can be easily carried from site to site with the robust, steel transport handle. The steel transport handle also protects the plastic cabinet parts from damage during movement. SC UNO 4M PS models can also be placed as a fixed installation against a wall for stationary use thanks to the designed installation plate. It is permanently ready for use and ideal for where floor space may be limited. Thanks to the flexible design, it can be quickly removed from the wall fixation and used as a portable unit.

  • Powered by 1450 rpm high efficiency motor (50 Hz)
  • Brass pump head 3 ceramic coated pistons
  • Pressure activated unloader system
  • Enclosed oil system
  • Robust, steel transport handle
  • The unit can operate both in a vertical and horizontal position
  • Light weight (compared to competition)
  • Robust steel handle for easy transport

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SC UNO 4M Brochure

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OM 107141898 Safety HPW

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